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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wide Eyed

Well it looks like sleep doesn't want to be my friend again tonight... Against all the rules I blog. My husband and I have completely traded places in many areas of our life together. The most recent is I've given up my title as number one news junkie and he has taken up the reigns. As I cooked dinner tonight he sat the the computer and rattled off the lasted dooming news about the nuclear disaster in Japan. It's my reasoning that the little we've heard about the inability of the nuclear experts to contain the massive amounts of radiation pouring into the atmosphere and the sea is probably 1000 times worse than we're being told. Finally I gave him the universal signal to stop feeding me information as well as a stern warning that I really didn't even want to know. So yes Virginia, in this case I really don't want to hear the truth because it's hard to think happy thoughts when I think about my children and the world they face. I could and would love a three headed grandchild, I'd just prefer not to have to. I also don't want to hear about Governments slaughtering their own people or know about the chance that we could in fact be arming more bad guys who intend on taking over the world. In these cases, I'm not ignorant, I've just read the end of the book and even though it may be rough going for a while, we who live in Christ will certainly come out on the winning end. I do believe the battle will be hard fought and not for the weak of Spirit and I didn't hear that on a news flash on CNN. Perhaps there is more keeping me up tonight besides wars and rumors of wars; besides the earth given forth labor pains as if a woman who travails during labor..... Maybe there is a lot more, but that's another blog, or perhaps just a journal entry. I sit wide eyed pondering the future and will we live to see it. Dark thoughts but not hopeless thoughts cause ignorance can sometimes be bliss.

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