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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Allergic Reaction to Brothers

Notice how Bella (white) is trying to pretend that Morph the Cat isn't sharing her space

I talked to my daughter this morning. She was on her way to take my grand kitten to the vet. She thinks Bella may be allergic to Morph the Cat, her baby brother she brought home last week. At first Bella just hissed and growled at him, but now the poor little baby has brown goop running out her eyes and is acting droopy. Come to think of it, that's a lot like how my daughter acted when I brought her baby brother home from the hospital. Whenever she was around him, brown goop seemed to hit the fan, spewing temper tantrums everywhere. Later when she passed the temper tantrum stage, she tried the pretend to push Bubba in his bumper jumper act, then slam him into the door facing while Momma wasn't looking tactic. As a teenager she just complained that he smelled like boy. I never had an allergic reaction to my brother but maybe that's because I was the baby and he was several years older than me.... But had that been different, I bet I would have had my share of brown goop running amok. Yeah, it's probably wise that she is taking Bella in to see the doctor. I've heard that if those types of allergic reactions aren't dealt with in the beginning, it can lead to years of therapy later on in life.

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