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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Language of Tears

I'm a word person. I love to write, I love to jumble words together in poetry forming a puzzle that only I can decipher. My husband reads a lot of musical biographies. It's funny how when reading one he will find that a song he thought he had the meaning figured out, then reading that the writer wrote it about some obscure subject you could never in a million years guess.... Or maybe it had no deep seated meaning at all. Decades later my husband finds he had unjumbled the wrong meaning to a random song. I write a lot about tears. I think I write about tears because they truly are words my heart can't express. Not all tears are sad tears although I tend to write more about sad tears than happy tears. Often tears are a mixture of the sadness of missing the best times of your life, or something that seems lost to you.  There are a lot of reasons tears speak to me, because each and every tear has a story even if  it doesn't have a reason. Then sometimes I write about tears for reasons that are known only to me and my Savior. He understands the secret language of tears perfectly.

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