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Friday, March 18, 2011

God With Us

I often wonder how God could love someone like me. Why would he care about the things I struggle with? I don't know the answer to the why, I just know that he does. He cares when my heart has been broken, he cares when I feel lost, he cares when I'm scared, he cares when I feel tossed aside and undesirable... He cares!  He loves it when I do the happy dance over the sight of something as insignificant as a leaf gently floating down from a tree and he loves to hear me giggle at the ocean shore as the waves wrap around my ankles. I know I don't deserve his love and I could never do anything within myself to repay him for the life he has so graciously blessed me with, but one thing he will accept as payment is praise. This song touches my heart of praise, it breaks away all of the hardened scars as I worship Him in my own way, in my own world.The hurt seems to fade into the background as his healing grace floods my heart. It may seem small to you, it may seem small to me, but when sang with a broken and grateful heart it means the world to him.

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