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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Unknowable Things About Women, Men and Grills

I bebopped down the stairs this weekend with the burning question of the day for my husband... "Why do men find grilling manly?" Like any responsible and caring male would do, he promptly paused the T.V. and not only gave me the "Where the heck did this question come from?" look,but also asked where the heck the question came from... I love doing this to him. All I wanted him to do was answer the question and guess what? He got it wrong. He says they don't find it manly. My next question was.. "Then why do men who never cook or fiddle in the kitchen insist on doing the grilling?" I could tell he thought I was trying to stump him, but I wasn't... I really wanted to know why? His response... "They don't!" Beep! Wrong answer. In an effort to jog his memory I rattled off names of friends we both know and who the man always does the grilling when there is grilling to be done. This list included, as he remembered, his very own Father. Usually it involves big fancy (sometimes gleaming) machinery with fancy
barely been used grilling tools, sometimes it's as simple as a tiny charcoal grill you can only cook a couple of steaks on, but without exception most men do the grilling (our house being the exception). All I wanted to know was what part of grilling men find manly.His second answer and the one that was probably closer to the truth was... It must have something to do with cavemen and fire. That makes more sense than anything including the question itself. He wanted to know was why I was wanting to know such an abstract question in the middle of the day. Heh, because it came up in a book I was reading and I just realized that it seemed to be a man thing and I just wanted to know why. He didn't really have an answer (although I think the caveman answer is probably the best of all), but it certainly got him to thinking about something he never really thought about before. Apparently he doesn't look at it as manly, as he's never really looked at it at all. Which makes me wonder if men actually know why they do some of the things they do. I can almost guarantee you that if he asked me an abstract question about why women do some of the things we do, I could instantly explain the unexplainable in a way that would further confound and confuse him to the point that he wished he had never asked the question to begin with. The point being (now, not when I asked him the question) that women know women and what makes them tick more than men know men and what makes them tick. That my friend is the epiphany of the day, which is basically no epiphany at all since I, as a woman, as well as all women around the world, have always known the unknowable things about women.

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