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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oilfield Field Trip

Instead of a typical day at the office this afternoon, we had a field trip that included steaks, baked potatoes and brownies. I was warned ahead of time that I probably shouldn't wear "Spiky Shoes" for today's outing, so I donned my flatwear and jeans and we headed out.  We had the opportunity to shoot the bull with the guys in the field... How many times can the word "Reining Golf Champions" be mentioned in one conversation? We got to check out things we normally don't get to see,being paper pushers to the production department and being stuck inside the office all day. We ran by a new fresh water pond some of the guys were pretty proud of.  It looked like it was the perfect environment for Oklahoma's own "Blackness Monster". I was thoroughly impressed by the oilfield workers running tubing in the hole on one of our newest Wells. Oilfield work isn't for the lazy and weak at heart and it's also not for those whose minds wonder from here to there and everywhere during the workday. I hear from reliable sources, that you have to have a considerable tough skin to take the ribbing that goes on in the meetings. Oilfield work
looks like mean nasty work for those who are quick on their feet. One slip, one mistake could not only mean their life, but the lives of others. I was totally intrigued as I sat in the air-conditioned truck, sipping on my Dr. Pepper as I watched in amazement. It was a beautiful day and for about 2.5 seconds I was a little envious of them getting to be outside in such weather, but then I remembered that this is Oklahoma and the window of opportunity for beautiful weather was about 2.5 days a year. It was an interesting day getting to see my job from the other side of the desk. Unfortunately it reminded me that I needed to get back to the office and finish the piles of reports that their intriguing job produces. Doing the reports the job generates isn't nearly as interesting as jobs themselves, but it's a heck of a lot neater,I
get to wear cuter shoes than they do and it pays the bills. occasionally there's a little cash left over to buy myself a pretty pair of new shoes:-)What more could a girl ask for??? Well there isn't enough cyberspace for me to write that list, but you get the drift. It was a great day for an oilfield field trip and the company was oh so special. In my books all the field guys are champions.... Maybe not Golf Champions like some of us, but oilfield champions all the same.

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