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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Letter to the Editor

This probably won't be published in "The Duncan Banner", so I'm saving a record of it here. My anger is on fire because this paper puts no effort into actual news in our area, but they put plenty of effort into capturing the grief of those who have already had more than their share. Pathetic!!

Dear Editor

I found the picture published on the front page, showing the graveside service of one of the victims of the Marlow fire, both intrusive and disrespectful.  The tragic fire was news, but the memorial service for the victim was a time for thoughtful reflection and healing without having a picture of it splayed across the front page of The Duncan Banner.  If The Duncan Banner put as much effort into actual reporting, accurate fact checking, and basic grammar, then The Duncan Banner might be a dependable source for local news.  Unfortunately, there is no effort given to the obvious things that would indeed make it a dependable source for anything.  My deepest sympathies and continued prayers go out to the families affected by your blatant disregard for their grief.

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