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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorable Memorial Day

Enjoy having your kids around
This Memorial Day was a memorable one. We had all the kids together with the exception of my youngest son’s girlfriend (yes we consider her family). It was an overcast day with scattered downpours that we managed to dodge while walking through Bricktown. We found ourselves at the Botanical Gardens one hour prior to closing. While we were purchasing our tickets, they asked if any of us were Veterans. My daughter spoke and said yes,then showed them her active military ID. The ticket lady said… “Good that makes a difference.” I have become accustom to living vicariously through
My Guys
her different military adventures, so I spoke up and said…. “I’m her Mom, does that make a difference?” The ticket lady looked at me with an expression I couldn't quite read. For an instant I was afraid she was one of "those people" who just don't get my humor (imagine that!). I interpreted her look as... “Is she kidding me?!” to which I quickly replied… “I was just kidding, but I really am her mom.” She said… “Well, yes it does make a difference.” Then my husband said… “Well then I’m her dad and that’s her brother.” So, she rang us up and our grand total was $0.00. We stared at her in stunned silence. I’ll be using that tactic more often. LOL! We enjoyed walking through the gardens and Bricktown. Oklahoma City has done an amazing job with Bricktown, it makes this Okie proud.That evening the boys headed for the movies and my daughter and I went to another “Wine and Palette”. I was determined to redeem my artsy side after the last “Wine and Palette” where my daughter’s painting captured the attention of every woman in the place to the point they were taking pictures and offering to buy it from her. As the class began, the instructor (same as before) made what seemed like general instruction, but it was directed to all of the “Type A” personalities out there who wouldn't allow themselves the freedom of painting being all about different textures and felt like they needed to blend everything, which (according to her lecture) was almost an assault to the whole process. I could be wrong (although it would be rare :-), but I could have sworn she looked in our
Her Painting
direction as she said it, and although her eyes scanned the crowd (70+ people); she aiming her
My Painting
words right at us. My daughter sunk lower and lower in her chair until her face was obscured by the blank canvas that sat in front of her while I ducked my head and snickered hysterically. 3 hours later, we emerged with two beautiful paintings. My daughter’s painting was beautiful, but no one offered to buy it. I accused her of intentionally dumbing down her painting as not to show me up. She denied any such behavior and
claimed she decided (after the lecture) to follow the instructions and even pointed out the fact that her brush strokes were actually visible. Any day we get to spend with our kids is a great day, but this one was particularly memorable. I love my kid!!!!!

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