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Friday, April 16, 2010

Just Ask Cinderella

Last weekend I hunted furiously for my Mojo. I looked all over the house while I cleaned, I scoured every pond and sand pit at the golf course, only, only, only to come up Mojoless. It's a sad state of being when your Mojo suddenly goes missing. My husband even called the Neurologist this week to inquire about my Mojo status. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately depending how you look at it, losing your Mojo after recovery from a head injury is what they call.... "Hitting the wall". I'll have to say that term fits how I feel exactly. I feel like I took several steps forward in March only to fall several steps behind at the beginning of April. What the heck? I'll have to admit that I've been in a bit of despair this week because I'm absolutely sick of hearing.... "It will take a few months"! Meanwhile, life and spring is passing me by as I muddle through the fog of each day. I grapple with guilt every day for feeling like a burden to my family, causing them stress and just for not just being my old self. I feel like I'm grabbing for answers and solutions only to come up empty handed. Not to be a whine bag but to top it off my husband and I faced a very personal, spiritual dilemma this week that left both of us feeling hmmmm, like a disposable outcast. I know those feeling will pass, but still not exactly what we needed right now. So now the weekend looms before me and I am determined once again not to drown in this quicksand of trial I find myself in. I am going to pull myself out, try to focus on the positive and find that dadgum Mojo. If that doesn't work.... I'll go shopping for a new pair of heels.... cause new shoes can make all the difference. If you don't believe me just ask Cinderella. That girl has the scoop!

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