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Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Favorite Places

There are two places I have found on this earth, where I feel like I can just reach out and touch the face of God. Something about being in the mountains just seem holy to me. I could sit and meditate on his goodness for hours, and his presence seems to overwhelm me when I'm there. The ocean is so alive with his spirit and every wave that crashes to the shore seems to sing of his majesty. Each place causes me to catch my breath and be caught up in his rapture. Day three provided me the opportunity to bask in the ocean breeze and dig my toes in the sand as we aimlessly wondered the beach at Coronodo Island. I'm in my own little world when I'm near the ocean..... I mean, more so than usual. While everyone leisurely walked to the beach I found myself picking up the pace and leaving the group behind. When I got to the water the waves washed over my feet leaving a tingling sensation. The water was clear, crisp and very much alive. I walked the beach in search of sand dollars and held each one I found in my hand. As I walked, the design the waves left on the sand changed from ripples to diamond shapes that were black, trimed with gold.... It was magical. Occasionally the tempature of the water would warm for just a second then return cool again. I enjoyed watching little kids dig holes, young couples staring into each others eyes and listening to the roar of the waves. The ocean does something to me that nothing else has ever done.... it makes me giggle. Something about the feel of the water wrapping around my ankles just makes me giggle and that's a feeling I absoluetly love!!! As I was walking back I stopped to look at something in the sand and one of the tiny sand dollars I held in my hand crumbled in a thousand pieces. It made me realize that not everything was meant to be held tight, but rather enjoyed in the element of freedom in which it exsist.

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