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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Diva Fairytale

Had a hard time getting out of bed yesterday. I just wanted to freeze frame the moment and stay tucked under. When I finally rolled out and up I just wasn't in a skirt and high heels kind of mood, and since we don't have pajama day at work, I slid into a long prairie skirt trimmed with tiny gold sequins and my wedding wedges. It's the closest thing I have to a hippie look and it was comfortable, except for the fact that the skirt was so long that it kept getting hung up on the prongs that held the bling to my wedding wedges. My day was spent with my skirt tangled around my ankles like a calf at a rodeo. By the end of the day I had left a trail of sequins and beads wherever I had been. It was EXACTLY like the story of Hansel and Gretel, except it was a trail of crumbs for Divas. Leave it to me :-)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What a Croc!

Apparently my shoe fetish knows no limits. I've always said I would never own a pair of Crocs, and in the most snobbish way possible didn't know if I could be friends with someone who did. Then this weekend, while looking for a new pair of comfy flip flops
(because I occasionally do wear flats), I stumbled upon some uncroc-ish looking Crocs. When I slipped my painted tootsies into the unassuming sandals, my twinkie toes squealed with delight. I walked out of the store with two (not one)
pair of Crocs and in an effort to redeem my stubborn rebellion, a pair of sinfully and totally inappropriate blinged out high heels that I will almost certainly wear to places they shouldn't be worn to (like work) and with jeans. What Momma used to say, still holds true today.... "Never say never." And so the moral of the story is.... If you do happen to own a pair of Crocs (even the hedious looking clog Crocs), I've revised my "People I can Be Friends With" list and your name can be included.... Although, after this post and in light of my snarly attitude toward Croc clogs, you probably don't want to be friends with me anyway and that's totally fine too because who am I to judge :-)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Real Housewives of Stephens County/Reality Check Show

You would think with most of our children gone and out of the house, The Girlfriends and I would find more opportunities to jaunt around having some girlfriend fun. Not so. It seems getting four women going in the same direction at the same time amid hormonal fluctuations,daily frustrations and hot flashes, hasn't gotten a bit easier than when the kids were wee ones... Still, we try to get together for a special time of hooting and hollering for our birthdays. This weekend we celebrated the stylist to the stars birthday, Marcie Perry. There are a ton of things to love about Marcie, but the thing I
love the most is that she always makes me laugh. Beyond being funny, she is an A-Mazzing dancer (I swear there is an African American wrapped up in that lilly white body somewhere). She is astutely knowledgeable in all things (she stayed in a Holiday Inn Express once). She is extremely multi-talented in too many areas to name. For example she makes the most A-Mazzing boobie cake with a nipple that is arousingly authentic.She can lip sync the entire (emphasis ENTIRE) movie "Nacho Libre", including all songs from beginning through the end of the credits and often continues past the end and beyond the point where everyone is impressed. If you put her in charge of directing people, she has a tendency to break out into her Nacho Libre character voice, which is extremely entertaining. She is like a magnet to which I am forever drawn (Marcie, you know what I mean). She is smart, creative, imaginative and innovative and possibly completely nuts like the rest of us. The the most beautifully stunning thing about her, is her spiritual testimony. She has a tenderness for Christ to which I will always strive to follow. With all her witty, silly, wacky ways she exemplifies the seldom taught truth, that being a Christian should be a blast!!!!! Our celebration of this awesome woman consisted of an itinerary of eating, drinking (coffee and tea), shopping and listening our way through Norman Oklahoma and back home again. The entire day was spent with the four of us jabbering, laughing and causing a ruckus that stopped people in their tracks to see what all of the commotion was about. We tagged ourselves as "The Real Housewives of Stephens County" and asked people if they had seen our show, (actually it's more like a traveling circus). We took pictures in almost every store so we could document the day, capture the moment, because that's what The Girlfriends do! We've grown together, laughed together, cried together, fought together, faced storms together and came out on the other end still celebrating together and may it always be so.


Few things in life can be compared to a favorite pair of old jeans. A favorite pair of old jeans always seem to fit regardless of how much weight you've gained or lost. You can always take them out of the closet, slip them on and they feel amazing. They are... Well, they are magical. My husband and I went to Tulsa
last night to seem James Taylor perform at the BOK Center. It was originally suppose to be a family outing, but my youngest son and my daughter couldn't make it so I called my girlfriend from high school to see if she and her husband would like to join us. We met for dinner and talked about old times like when we used to solve all of our boy problems over a cold mug of root beer at the A&W. We told the kids stories about watching scary movies at the drive-in and how I made her late to her wedding to her first husband because I was driving her around trying to talk her out of the I do's she was preparing to say (and Lisa, I don't think the minister had actually left the building and was waiting in his car when we arrived). We got to the concert, and as the lights dimmed and the melodic guitar and familiar pure voice of Sweet Baby James began, I thought to myself.... "Everything about this evening has been like my favorite pair of old jeans." Comfortable, fun, sweet and forever Timeless....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Fluid instinctive motion, made without conscious thought
Transcended daily moments of circumstances caught

Taken much for granted, assuming all would be
An extension of tomorrow, expression of harmony 

A lapse in due diligence?
A judgment of neglect?
Accusations twine round memory in broken retrospect

No compass movement forward,
No wisdom to astound
Frozen without intrinsic truth
Inside cannot be found

Forage for directive
In silent piercing waves
 The shattered shards of a nurturer's breast
Cries with shameful blame 

The relief that had been cherished
With hesitant shadowed pride
Has slipped from gentle fingertips
With a hush of tears and muted cries

Each challenge had been conquered 
And this the last one saved
When courage was depleted
Beyond the battle yet to rage

Still determined the one yet resting
Beneath the haven wrought with love
Will not be pilfered nor relinquished
To the thief that hides in midnight cove

So loose the joints that have been frozen
And heist discernment that evades
Raise the fury of indignation
A rescued legacy, inheritance saved


Monday, July 9, 2012

Love Lifted Me -The Peaceful Shores of Grace

During worship service Sunday morning we worshiped to contemporary worship songs, then transitioned into the old hymn, Love Lifted Me. I just couldn't help it, but tears welled up in my eyes and spilled down my cheeks because this was the song I sang as I rocked my three babies to sleep. There is nothing in the world like sitting in a rocking chair with your arms full of a bundle of potential, softly singing hope into their tiny souls.

I was sinking deep in sin, far from the peaceful shore,
Very deeply stained within, sinking to rise no more,
But the Master of the sea, heard my despairing cry,
From the waters lifted me, now safe am I.

All my heart to Him I give, ever to Him I’ll cling
In His blessed presence live, ever His praises sing,
Love so mighty and so true, merits my soul’s best songs,
Faithful, loving service too, to Him belongs.

Souls in danger look above, Jesus completely saves,
He will lift you by His love, out of the angry waves.
He’s the Master of the sea, billows His will obey,
He your Savior wants to be, be saved today.

Love lifted me! Love lifted me!
When nothing else could help
Love lifted me!

Sitting there in the darkness, whispering words of hope to the babies I would give my life for, I could only pray and believe that I could instill in them a foundation that would keep them upright against the storms and influences of a world that desperately wants to destroy them. Now, when I'm sitting in the darkness, my arms are empty as my children are all grown except the one teenager searching for a way to define himself. Today my silent prayers for each of them is that love will lift them above the struggles they face and keep them close to the peaceful shores of His grace.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chill Pill

I've had my share of anxiety attacks and trust me they are not fun.  We had a Rat Terrier who had terrible anxiety problems during storms 4th of July fireworks. She probably weighed 15 lbs so managing her when she was anxious wasn't a big deal. We could kennel her during an episode and she would be just fine. My current anxious pet is proving to be a bit more of a challenge, probably because she weighs close to 200 lbs. Where does a 200 lb. dog go when they're scared.... Pretty much any place they want to regardless of barriers that have been put in place. Right now I'm looking at needing to replace my back door, and a bedroom door. I may not be getting much sleep tonight unless the cocktail I mixed for her works it's magic without killing her. I'm making a mental note to call the vet first thing Thursday morning to get something to control a 200 lbs monster who only wants to sit in my lap until the bang bang goes away. The scratches and bruises on my arms aren't from spousal abuse, they are from a massive dog who desperately needs to take a chill pill, in fact I'm beginning to think I need to take one as well.