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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Fluid instinctive motion, made without conscious thought
Transcended daily moments of circumstances caught

Taken much for granted, assuming all would be
An extension of tomorrow, expression of harmony 

A lapse in due diligence?
A judgment of neglect?
Accusations twine round memory in broken retrospect

No compass movement forward,
No wisdom to astound
Frozen without intrinsic truth
Inside cannot be found

Forage for directive
In silent piercing waves
 The shattered shards of a nurturer's breast
Cries with shameful blame 

The relief that had been cherished
With hesitant shadowed pride
Has slipped from gentle fingertips
With a hush of tears and muted cries

Each challenge had been conquered 
And this the last one saved
When courage was depleted
Beyond the battle yet to rage

Still determined the one yet resting
Beneath the haven wrought with love
Will not be pilfered nor relinquished
To the thief that hides in midnight cove

So loose the joints that have been frozen
And heist discernment that evades
Raise the fury of indignation
A rescued legacy, inheritance saved


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