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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Few things in life can be compared to a favorite pair of old jeans. A favorite pair of old jeans always seem to fit regardless of how much weight you've gained or lost. You can always take them out of the closet, slip them on and they feel amazing. They are... Well, they are magical. My husband and I went to Tulsa
last night to seem James Taylor perform at the BOK Center. It was originally suppose to be a family outing, but my youngest son and my daughter couldn't make it so I called my girlfriend from high school to see if she and her husband would like to join us. We met for dinner and talked about old times like when we used to solve all of our boy problems over a cold mug of root beer at the A&W. We told the kids stories about watching scary movies at the drive-in and how I made her late to her wedding to her first husband because I was driving her around trying to talk her out of the I do's she was preparing to say (and Lisa, I don't think the minister had actually left the building and was waiting in his car when we arrived). We got to the concert, and as the lights dimmed and the melodic guitar and familiar pure voice of Sweet Baby James began, I thought to myself.... "Everything about this evening has been like my favorite pair of old jeans." Comfortable, fun, sweet and forever Timeless....

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