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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

****Embossed Invitation****

You saw me there attempting to peer at the future through the windows of my soul. The black soot of yesterday and the fears of tomorrow had fogged the window pane till no light could be seen. The future looked distorted and empty... A sunless void in a sky of compromise. Tattered remnants of failed attempts to manage my own life scattered the floor of my heart. There I stood,disillusioned by failures, disappointment and unrealized dreams. I was empty handed, brokenhearted and so very confused about what I had become in light of who you had created me to be. Would you leave me there searching but not finding, finding but not possessing and succeeding only in the utter failure of who I am in you? If I cried out would you answer? If I reached up would you extend to me the nail scarred hand of forgiveness, mercy and grace? Was it possible to ask you for the gift of restoration... when all I deserved was death? As gentle as a breeze brushing against my cheek, as soothing as a spring rain, and as fragrant as the lilies bloom.... your voice whispered "Yes, always". Those were the words that glued my fragile heart back together. The scars that formed on my heart of clay,were nothing more than 14 karat gold embossing on an elegant invitation, To Come, To Ask, To Receive.... addressed directly to me.....

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