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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Your Voice Mailbox is Full

I have a bad habit of not checking my voice mail. I rarely get calls on my work phone and I’m terrible about noticing that I have a message waiting. Today when I got back from lunch, I saw my message light blinking. I was expecting a call from the field so I checked my messages. The automated female voice warned me that my voice mailbox was almost full and suggested I delete old messages. As I scrolled through the messages one stood out…. 

“Honey, this is your Momma. I was just going to check in with you and chat a minute…. I’ll talk to you later... Bye bye.”

It used to irritate me that she would identify herself, like I didn't recognize her voice. Now it just irritates me that it irritated me. I’ll never be able to return that phone call, I can't go back. One thing is certain, I'll never delete that sweet voice from my mailbox, regardless of how full it becomes.

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