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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Amazing By Choice!

When my son came home one day from visiting with a friend he said... "Guess what Mom? Joseph wants me to play the bass on the youth praise team at church!" I thought that was a wonderful ides... There was just one problem, he didn't know how to play bass or guitar. His Dad plays the bass but his Dad is right handed and he was left handed. His response to my illumination of what I saw was an obstacle.... "Oh Mom, that's alright." He started learning bass on a right handed bass and when we realized he was serious we got him a left handed bass. That was years ago. When he is hanging with the gang the above video is what their activities include (besides making soap and baking bread). The guy playing banjo and harmonica picked up the banjo just a few months ago as well. This is a small example of how you make your dreams come true. You just lay all unnecessary things aside and just do whatever it is you want to do. This is a great bunch of... Well I want to call them kids, but really they are now young adults. They are all amazing, talented young adults by choice.... By choice, not happenstance!

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