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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Rose

It's interesting how God continually pulls back the crusted dried leaves of my heart to reveal tender tissue beneath. Just like a rose that hasn't fully bloomed, yet the outer leaves have began to fade and the edges have started to dry. When you peel back the dried petals,underneath you find the tender tissue that are unscathed by the environment. That's exactly how it feels when God peels something away to reveal a part of me he wants to bloom. 
Life has a way of drying up your edges causing them to crack, but God has a way of peeling back the brittle to reveal the hidden tenderness of a heart not yet destroyed by life. That's what I love about my God.When I find no hope in myself, I find hope in a God who loves me with bottomless love,covers me with endless grace and peels back the petals with a  gentle touch.... Just like a rose.

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