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Friday, January 21, 2011

Under the Clutter

Monday morning when I got to work there were papers everywhere from a project I'm working on. There were various other piles of paper and files stacked strategically around my office, as if waiting in line at the DMV. I haven't actually seen the genuinely fake hardwood finish of my desk in a long time. This week I've made a concentrated effort to get the big task finished, put away then work on the smaller projects. Last night I finally hit pay dirt.... Yes Jac, there is indeed a desk underneath it all. Little brown patches were starring up at me and I got that funny little feeling in the pit of my stomach like when you descend from the top of a roller coaster. Today I was determined to finish up in
order to leave my office clean and pristine. I walked into my office only to find that a pile I passed on had returned during the night and was now back on my desk until I could get to it. I knew it was coming back, I just had hoped it wouldn't be today... Ugh. As I looked at my desk,I thought over a conversation I had earlier in the week about how our lives are constantly being cluttered or over stimulated. We live in a high tech world with computers, cell phones, radios and television constantly vying for our time and attention. When I'm doing data entry I listen to my radio, but after a few hours of even the softest music, my mind seems to crave nothing but silence. Clutter comes in all forms... Mental, spiritual, physical, relational, and if you have ever watched the show Hoarders, the idea of literally
becoming overwhelmed by clutter is just plain scary. I've made some headway on my desk this week and I'm seriously going to   get some of this stuff done and put away(far, far away). Then this weekend, I should attack the chore of cleaning the desk of my mind, soul, life and see if there is a surface that has been covered in clutter (I'm sure there is.) If there is a surface that's been buried under clutter than I know it's in need of a good polishing. Sounds like I have a busy day and weekend ahead.

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