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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Old Man Winter

Geeze!!! At some point during the night the wind began to blow. I mean really blow. The wind chimes outside my window were singing with the rhythm, which was a constant beat. As I lay in my bed I could hear the tree limbs whipping and every now and then a crack of a limb as it finally gave up to rest on the ground below. I was snuggled warm in my bed, but still I scrunched a little closer to my husband, not so much for warmth but for security.... I just felt safer there.Something about the sound of the wind makes me anxious. It must be the sound of unsecured items being toppled over and blowing down the street.When the Alarm rang at 5, the thought of tripping to the gym with the wind howling, did not appeal to me at all, so I snuggled under a little farther and ignored my New Year's resolution which was to work out every morning. I comforted myself that I would not be the only New Year's resolution breaker, nor would I be the last. There is nothing that will take the wind out of my good intentions like a blast from old man winter without snow .... He can suck the oxygen right out of my grand ideas.

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