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Monday, January 10, 2011

Inside a Woman's Heart

The complicated issues        
inside a woman's Heart
Designed by the Father 
Created from the start
Intricately weaving tunnels 
Buried far beneath
The calm maternal features
Of the face most others see
Constantly in connection
With emotions of the soul
Finding deepest solace
And grief beyond control
Yet strength beyond reason 
And wisdom beyond years
With a gentle hand she guides
The ones He gave to care
And in their darkest moments
It's not their heart alone that breaks
But the web of tangled fibers 
Their grief on her she takes
And in those deep dark moments
When hope seems all but lost
She finds the only answer
As she pleads there at the cross
Understanding she's an instrument
He uses just to mold
To light the path direct the way
A foundation of faith unfolds
And as she watches magically
As they grow to reach their own
The pride swells deep inside the heart
A heart no longer whole
Each child takes a piece of her
wherever they may go
Broadening her influence
To those they come to know
The faith she did  impart to them
They share with those they find
Believing in a Woman's heart
No child is left behind 

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