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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chasing Rabbit Trails

Today was one of those days where I had the best intentions of doing certain things, but then these rabbit trails would pop up demanding my full attention (because I do not want another thing sitting on my desk). By the time I would get back to what I was doing I would forget... what that thing was!!! Ever have one of those days? You feel like you're on one now don't you?..  I got a lot of little things done today (for other people), but I didn't get to do what I needed to do, therefore I feel like I didn't get anything accomplished. I dislike days when I can't get to where I'm going, and can't remember where I've been. Thankfully those days are happening less and less, plus I actually realize I'm having them now. Realizing where you are, in reference to where you want to be is half the battle of knowing how to get to where you're going. Yeah, I think that about sums up my rabbit trails today.... Don't you wish you lived in my head?? It's a VERY interesting place to be:-)

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