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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Price of Friendship

A good friend of mine started phlebodomy class tonight. For those who don't know what that is, it is.... "The act of drawing blood either for testing or transfusion."...  With a needle I might add.  For the record, this is a class that I will not be enrolling in. The nick name my husband has for me (Lucille Ball) would indicate why I will not be enrolling in said class. If you need a room decorated, need a reception or a shower planned, need a corny poem written or a ginormous dog shoved into a midget size bathtub for a bath... Call me, I'm your gal. If you want a needle painlessly driven into your vein, I suggest you call someone else. I'm just saying, I'm pretty sure phlebodomy isn't my God given talent and I'm beginning to think that being the friend of a student of phlebodomy isn't my God given talent either. So I'm in the gym tonight hiking up mountain 
hills and sweatin up a storm while reading my futuristic mystery novel on my blackberry when I get a text that says she loves the class!!! Yay, I really am  happy for her. The next text says... "You have to be my friend on bring a friend day." Ok, now I'm getting a little freaked out. Why, why, why would they have a "friend day" in a phlebodoy class? I text back "What does a friend have to do?" she responds... "Sit in a chair... LOL!" Yea, the LOL is the key to this whole thing....  Reading between the lines the text says... "I have to have some guilable person to practice on until I get good enough to actually graduate and I choose you to be that guilable person, because.... A) You are my friend B) Because you are my friend, I know things about you C) Anymore questions stupid? That is just wrong on so many levels. I will add for the record that I am not afraid of needles, nor do I have to be sedated to have my blood taken (like some I know). I'll also say,  if I'm in the hospital and they bring in a student to take my blood, I very sweetly suck it up without complaint. There is however, something a little different  in knowing weeks in 
advance that the person who missed workout because she couldn't find her keys, is wanting you to sit in her "chair" and be her guinea pig.  There could, quiet honestly, be pain and suffering involved in this deal, which isn't really any different than any other friendship except for the fact that you know it's coming and regardless of how good or bad she is I'm going to smile and act like it doesn't hurt at all (yeah, that's exactly like other friendships).... And I'm sure (cough, cough) that she will be really skilled at this but it's just.... well it's just weird and a little creepy. I am however a little flattered that she wants me to be her friend on bring a friend day (said with a slight smile and puppy dog eyes). I did get at least one blog out of the deal, possibly two and that's.... Well, that's just the price of friendship... LOL! Oh yea baby, I totally blogged you!!

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