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Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow Gremlin's

I am not being a Negative Nancy as my family says I am, it's just I know exactly how my luck runs. I love snow, always have loved snow. Unfortunately I live in the part of the state of Oklahoma which gets little snow compared to other parts. I hate to hear the winter weather forecast when snow is involved because the snow usually comes right up to our county line and then zilch, notta, nothing. I laughingly say, I have a no snow dome over my head. Last year in an effort to have a white Christmas we traveled all the way to Colorado. While we were there we had a blizzard at home. This is what I'm saying, it only snows when I'm not around. Tomorrow there is 100% chance of snow (whatever!). This is what I think.... If I actually believe the reports and get excited about the snow, it for sure will not happen. If I use reverse psychology and say I don't believe the snow will come, go wash my car and put my winter clothes away, maybe I'll fake it out and it actually will snow buckets!!!! That's what I'm doing for lunch. I'm going to wash my car in hopes the Snow Gremlin's will come out in full force. If that doesn't work then I'm going to some beach some where.

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