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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

As Simple As That!

I was leaving the gym last night when I heard someone call my name. I turned around and there was a woman I knew from softball when my daughter was in elementary school. Oh those are some good memories. I asked her how her daughter was doing. She said she had become a P.A.and was working in a doctors office. We talked for a while, said good night and I headed home. When I was driving home I thought back to those hot summer days when our girls played softball. My daughter was the catcher and let me tell you, that isn't a fun position to play in the hot Oklahoma sun. When she came out of her catchers gear she looked like she had been the main course at a Cajun Crawfish Boil. I'll never forget seeing her team mate transform right before every one's eyes. She was a tall lanky girl who hadn't quiet gotten past that awkward stage. She didn't look particularly comfortable in the field or in the batters box. One game she was playing shortstop when someone popped a ball right up over her. Everyone held their breath, hoping she would get under the ball and catch it. As the ball began to descend, she held her glove up, and positioned herself for a perfect catch. When the ball hit her glove and she snapped it shut, the look on her face was priceless!!!! She looked at her glove, then she looked up at the cheering crowd and the light bulb finally came on. You could almost hear her say.... "Hey, I can do this!". From that point forward she was a different player. The next time she walked out on the field she walked out with confidence. The next time she got up to bat, she did so with authority she did not possess before. She became one of the star players on our team and went on to college with a softball scholarship.My husband and I have referred to that moment several times. It was a very visual, path altering moment. I love it when God gives me little successes that spur me on to greater things. I cherish the times he has come in and lifted me up when I felt awkward or insignificant. I have to remember to position myself just right and hold my glove up in order to catch the blessings he is throwing my way.It's as simple as that!

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