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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not My Spiritual Gift

I'm just so confused. Of course when I'm not confused, then I'm busy confusing other people so.... Welcome my world. We went bowling this weekend with some friends. My bowling score was horribly low... I mean really low! If I had been playing golf that would have been a good thing, but in bowling people tend to laugh at you when it's as low as mine was. In fact a big chicken danced across n our score screen every time I bowled and didn't hit anything but the gutter. Not that's embarrassing!!! Life is full of mixed messages.... High score in bowling good, high score in golf bad... High credit rating good, high cholesterol bad. It's no wonder I stay confused all the time. I know one thing I learned this weekend.... Bowling is not my spiritual gift. I should stick to Olympic shopping instead. Now there's something I know how to do!

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