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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Starts Out On A Happy Note

One of the things that I am most proud of (if this sounds boastful it absolutely should), is when I introduce new people to my close circle of friends. I never have to worry if they will be accepted.... If I love them,  they love them. You know that sounds really simple, but when you stop to think about it, it's not. Whether it's introducing people to your family (you know everyone has that crazy Uncle), or introducing them to your friends, it can be risky business.  I never have to worry about that with "My Gang". My  On New Year's Day we have a gathering of our circle of friends and we spend the entire day playing games, eating, talking, and acting goofy!!! New Year's Day has become my favorite holiday of all. No pressure, no conflict, just a lot of laughing and as much love as you can pack into one day. My Daughter was able to join us for New Year's Day and to every one's delight she brought her boyfriend of 2 years. She was so excited to get to show him a slice of her small town life in Oklahoma. He is from L.A. so this was going to be a new experience for him. The visit began, of course, at Walmart where we 
had to do our New Year's Day feast shopping. In the parking lot I turned around and asked to take bets on how far into the store we would get before we saw the first person we knew. We made it almost into cosmetics when I saw the first person, so basically just inside the entrance. Not be proven wrong, we met up with a couple of our very best friends who were in fact hosting the New Year's Day get together. My Daughter and I were on another isle when my Son pointed out the boyfriend to our very friendly friend, who is the closest thing to my Brother other than my Brother.  He walked right up to him and introduced himself leaving boyfriend to puzzle as to how he knew him or why he was talking to him. We laughed and laughed when he was telling us the story and I had to bite my tongue not to let "I told you so" slip out. New Year's Day he fit right in. He gave everyone a run for their money when he learned to cheat at spoons (thanks Bubba). He laughed and had a great time. It made my heart pump with pride at the love acceptance as did it my Daughter's heart. Sunday was the same song, second verse. Our church family is as close to us as family. It really does take a village to raise a child and my children had the privilege of having a bunch of Godly minded people molding them and shaping them from an early age. It was a blessing and a pleasure to introduce him to our church family!!!!!  You know it's so easy to take the small things in your life for granted. One thing I hope I never take for granted is the loving friends God has allowed me and my family to be surrounded by. It is the blessing of all blessings and a blessing that started all of my family's New Year's Day out on a happy note.... A note I couldn't be prouder of. Love you guys!!!!!

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