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Monday, February 7, 2011

Refined Sugar and Processed Food Makes Me.... Happy!

Okay, let's just get this straight! I come from the junk food era... Well, the beginning of the junk food era. When I got my drivers license at 16, I almost never ate home cooked food again. My parents are fabulous cooks, but they used to say that if it wasn't between two buns I wouldn't eat it. For breakfast I would run through McDonald's get a Dr. Pepper and a box of Chocolate chip cookies. I would eat them in Mrs. Reynold's shorthand class. I usually didn't eat lunch and for dinner it was Sonic (they knew me by name which is kind of sad) or Taco Tico. It's terrible to say but I'm not a whole lot better now. It's probably due to his terrible
dietary upbringing that has brought my oldest Son to suddenly become health food conscious. I even caught him showing his little brother a brainwashing video regarding organic gardening. I'm afraid this is a little cultish behavior and I'd prefer he not corrupt his brother until he is out on his own. I understand eating and cooking organic is somewhat time consuming (I haven't seen many organic fast food places around) and the thought of drinking milk, much less unhomogenized and unpasteurized seems just.... wrong and frankly shouldn't be done at all unless you're washing down a piece of chocolate cake...IMO What's wrong with this
young generation anyway? Do they not understand that back in the day getting to buy a Coke was a treat and you certainly didn't have 3 liter bottles of it in your house. Not only that, but if you wanted a diet drink you had to drink Tab, which was like trying to swallow used and carbonated toilet water. My Aunt used to drink Tab and I remember opening a can and trying to put sugar in it just so I could choke it down... There was some horrible chemical reaction causing the fizz to completely over-fizzle creating a big mess. I never tried a Tab again (flash back rabbit trail). His latest idea is making his own soap. He is having a couple he met at the Organic Farmer's Market come to his house to teach him to make his own soap. My gosh, seems so much easier to just go to Bath and Body Works, plus (and this is a big plus since I have no grandchildren) Bath and Body Works is like a Chick Magnet!! I really am being more supportive than I sound, I'm just venting because I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blogs and it seems like all that organic stuff would be exhausting. He bought 100 lbs of grain and he and his friends have been making homemade bread (I can go along with that), but they aren't using a handy-dandy bread machine, they are really doing it by hand. He
has purchased a grain grinder... Not an electric one which would make the whole process easier, but a hand grinder to grind his own grain.... Just seems weird to me. If you didn't know better you would think he was raised by a little Susie Homemaker, but I assure you (as will my other children), he was not raised by that woman. What I fear the most is his brainwashing will rub off on my Son that's still at home and my husband and I may be forced to conform (yeah, that'll be the day).It is true that both of his thighs don't match one of mine, so his dietary choices might have a few positive aspects. I am very proud of him. I can rest assured that when he has children they will live a much healthier life than I have. Plus, he'll probably not let his kids have sugar so their little systems won't be used to it. When they come to visit Lolli and Pop, I'll zip them up on sweets and watch roll (you're amazed I haven't been awarded Mother of the year aren't you?).It's so funny how differently your children turn out from what you think they will. Already in his short 24 years, he has surpassed me in more ways than I care to count. So has my daughter and I can't wait to see what the baby of the family turns out to
be.However they turn out, whatever they decide to be, makes me happy and proud. That being said, I will not hesitate to turn into the freezer lady in Georgia if they try to take my refined sugar and processed food away. My refined sugar and processed food is what's made me so good-natured all these years. I'd hate to see that change after all these years.
"Oh Honey, you're not the world's worst Mother. What about that freezer lady in Georgia?"

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