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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Playfulness of God

As luck would have it, they sent us home today shortly after we got to work. The snow was blowing furiously and coming down hard. When the snow finally let up and the sun came out to play, I dug out my ski clothes, saddled up the horses... well dog the size of a horse and headed out for a walk. It was perfect outside!!! Although there was a thin sheet of ice under the snow, the 14 inches on top of it, made it of little concern. The wind was cold and straight out of the North, but that's what ski clothes and snow boots are for. The snow was fluffy and deep.... perfect!  Snow drifts where here and there along our walk, Sometimes Riley, my Bulldog would be belly deep and plowing the way with her flat face. Sailor, my Mastiff helped pull me along when the snow became packed on my boots making it difficult to walk in the drifts. We walked downtown where the streets were deserted except for the City trucks out sanding the roads. When we headed back toward the house we were walking directly into the North wind. I had left my fir hood at the office so the wind blew my hair back and my ears were numb. My nose began to run and my eye teared up from the cold wind. It was the best walk ever!!! Put me on the beach with my toes in the sand and cold waves wrapping around my ankles, or plunk me down in the middle of a snow drift with the wind blowing through my hair and my mind will immediately turn to the Creator of the universe. No one will ever convince me that God doesn't have a playful side, because I've had the occasion to play with him many times. Each and every time I experience the playfulness of God one thing sticks out in my mind. I have never felt more alive than I do when I'm playing with God and enjoying his creation. Today was one of those times.

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