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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Learning to Relax.... It's an Art

My play date with God went great this morning. I lay in bed all snuggled under as my husband got ready for work. "Now I want you to rest today and I don't want you up cleaning house or anything because I want to start our vacation with you well rested." I rolled over and looked at him as innocent as I could manage.... "What do you mean, I'm being good, I'm sleeping in?"  I could tell by the look in his eyes that he wasn't buying the innocent routine.... "Yeah, but I know how you are, the minute I leave you'll start in and wear yourself out, then your back will start hurting and that's not what I want you to do."  I love it when he plays all bossy!! After a kiss and a promise to behave myself he left the house. As soon as he left I jumped out of bed, fixed my hair and make-up, jumped in my snow clothes and headed downstairs. When I came bounding down the stairs the dogs knew something was up. When I grabbed their leash, they knew what that something was.... We had a play date with God in the snow. The sky was a heavy deep gray, the wind chill was -10 degrees. A few flakes as fine as sugar fell from the sky and every now and then the wind would whip up a whirlwind of snow. The streets were still virgin white, as most people still hadn't ventured out of their cozy little nest. Downtown the City workers were bulldozing the streets, I waved as they laughed watching my little crew tromp through the drifts. Sometimes I think God dumps a blanket of snow on us just to slow us down. Normally my Son would be in school instead of at a friend house because.... Well, you just can't miss a day of school. I'm hesitant to take a sick day of work even when I feel bad, because..... You're not suppose to miss work.  I would never think of missing a hair appointment, but if they're closed, what's a girl to do? Hate to miss church, but it's been canceled due to weather. I don't think I'm the only one who thinks the world would not be able to turn if there wasn't somewhere I was suppose to be. I can't remember what happened, but when the kids were little and I was shuffling them to and from school and working and involved in a million things.... I realized one day that I was making them a nervous wreck because I was always in a hurry.... "Hurry up, put your shoes on. Hurry up brush your teeth. Hurry up and take your nap so we can get up and go to....." It was always something and I felt like I had a million irons in the fire (and I actually did), but none of that was as important as me taking a minute to calmly speak to my children. Is it really necessary for me to be involved in everything? Is it really necessary for my kids to be in every sport? Is all this stuff really necessary or am I just making myself busy for the sake of being busy? That's when God steps in and drops a blanket of snow over us and slows us down for just a little while. People get bored really quickly when they don't have all their busy work to do, then they start doing nothing important like reading a book, playing a game, or OMG, just sitting and enjoying the beautiful silence of calm or the sweet sound of His voice talking to our hearts. Today God wrapped a blanket of snow around  me and encouraged me to sit and relax for a while. He invited me outside to enjoy His creation and to laugh with Him at the silliness of all the busy stuff I think I just have have to get done. I have learned to relax.... It really is an art.

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