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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Litter Box of Life or NOT

Bella not happy about having her nap interrupted

My daughter has a precious little Persian cat named Bella. Bella is my grand kitten and she calls me Lolli. Now wait a minute....You can just wipe that smirk right off your face! When I have Grandchildren I'll be perfectly happy to blog about them, until then just hold your judgment until you've walked a mile in my stilettos. (It's early and I haven't had my coffee) Anyway, Bella keeps her company. Being in the military can be very lonely, Bella fills that void (a little), especially since my Daughter is a pet lover like her Mom. When she got Bella she, of course, purchased a little pink bed for her, and little pink toys to play with, all the things that would make this one very spoiled kitten. Although Bella has the best of the best, when she first brought her home Bella chose to sleep in her litter box. Understandably this disturbed my Daughter a lot!! Finally Bella realized there were more comfortable places to lounge, so she got out of her pit. This weekend my Daughter sent me a picture of Bella in the bathroom sink. She had curled up in the sink for a little R&R. When my Daughter turned the light on to click the picture, Bella looked none to happy about having her nap disturbed. When I saw the picture I laughed and I thought to myself... How often have I lived beneath the provisions God has for me? How many times have I curled up in the corner of the potty box of life, when I could have been lounging in royal comfort? My estimation is way too many times. It's not that it's not available, it's not that He wants me to hang out in the litter box, it's just that I neglect to bathe myself in the blessings he provides. That's what's on my mind today. Where am I at? Where does he want me? How do I get there from here? I've got a sinking feeling there's more... Way more!!

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