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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dang Airplane Air

Last week we went on the most beautiful vacation ever!!! Cool Bahama breezes blowing through our.... well my hair, the smell of salt water and the sound of gentle ocean waves was the background for a lovely get away. We were so relaxed, no schedule, no plans, just rest and relaxation. About day 2 I began to worry a little that maybe I wasn't doing enough on my vacation. I had no desire to go see the sights, no desire to explore much more than the hammocks and the buffet, I mentioned something to my husband and he thought we had finally reached ground zero in full blown relaxation mode. Our schedule consisted of A) Sleep late, get up just before breakfast buffet closed B) Take nap on beach and wake up just before lunch buffet closed C) Take nap and wake just in time to dress for dinner and hang out at the piano club D) If the evening activities actually started before 10 p.m. we would try to keep our eyes open for them. To be honest I felt like one of the old people on the movie Cocoon..... I mean I felt a
whole lot like them!!! On day 3 my throat and tongue felt like someone had skinned the hide off of them to sell as a souvenir in the gift shop, since I knew this wasn't the case I just figured I had drank too much citrus juice since I usually abstain from anything remotely healthy, but they had really good juice. The day we came back was just a typical yucky travel day. There is just something gross about airplane air.... It's like I can feel other peoples grit and mucus sticking to my skin and lungs. I hate that airplane muck that sticks to my skin and gunks up my hair. Everyone usually feels gross after a day of travel, but I felt particularly gross. I think I went a whole two days without doing my hair and make-up, and three days without getting out of bed (sounds a lot like my vacation doesn't it). If you know me at all, you know something is not right with the universe if I haven't bothered to do my hair or my make-up. I mean for God's sake they were re-applying my lip gloss while I was unconscious in the emergency room last year (okay, for absolute truthfulness sake, I believe I did have my eyes open and I think I may have been able to talk to them but I don't remember any of it so I'm really not trying to exaggerate my condition or in anyway blow things our of proportion for sympathy sake). But I was told by a completely reliable source who did the applying that lip gloss was applied and pictures were taken and that's just not something every person does when they are in the emergency room. So needless to say, I usually do nothing without my lips on which meant I had to be sick.... Really sick. Today I thought I'd buy groceries since we had nothing to
eat in the house.... Not even dog food. I didn't think I was going to make it out of the store, you know that cold clammy sweaty, out-of-body feeling you have when you're sick. I unloaded the groceries and loaded myself back into the car and landed in the urgent med clinic..... Yet another indication of how bad I felt. The doctor thought I had the flu, I thought I had strep and you got it... I won the bet. Even if I was a competitive person that wouldn't make me feel better. Still it was a wonderful vacation even if I did sleep through most of it. I asked my husband if me being so lazy had ruined for him, actually he really got into the lazy thing.... He has also now come down with the strep thing too. I can't blame it on the bad airplane food, but youbetcha I blame it on the dang recycled airplane air.

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