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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In Daddy's Arms

My family and I went to the movies the other day. We ordered our giant tubs of popcorn, our barrel size of Mr.Peb and settled into our comfy cozy theater seats. While waiting for the movie to start, I sat and played brick breaker on my blackberry while my husband and Son munched away. Not long after we settled into our seats, I looked up to see a man and wife, along with their severely handicapped daughter being seated in front of us in the handicapped section. Try as I might I could help but watch the interaction. The girl looked like she was probably 10-12 years old. The man gently picked her up out of her stroller, carefully lifting so her head didn't bobble. She had a neck collar on, but still her head hung helplessly to the side. He sat in the seat and arranged her in his lap as his wife waited. When he got her settled the wife arranged two pillows around his arms for comfort and support. He nuzzled his daughter's neck, straightened her braided ponytail as the wife dug through a bag of supplies. Seconds later the man held up a feeding tube as his wife put the milky substance in it. It was a quick process and minutes later they were settled in waiting for the movie to begin. My husband and I looked at each other and I had only one word... "Precious".
The Father cradled his daughter throughout the movie. After the movie was over we made our way out as they began the task of getting her back in the stroller. I couldn't help but think of the pain and suffering they went through living with a child that was so disabled, and longing for her to know the joys of a typical childhood. Instinctively I also knew that this child had brought them countless joy.... You could just tell. Their love and tenderness was overwhelming to watch. Life is full of mysteries, lots of questions that can't be answered in the here and now. Though I may not understand all of God's plans, I do believe (even when I don't feel like it inside) that He has us cradled in his lap, surrounded with the pillows of his mercy and grace, throughout all of life. That's just the way it is... We are always in Daddy's arms, and there's no place like it on earth.

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