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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

His Healing Powers Infiltrate My Pores

Like oil from a vase on my head it was poured
It did cover my body from head to the floor
Like hot molten honey fresh from the flame
It infiltrated my being through pores, past the veins
Through the flesh and the fibers to bone it did reach
down to the morrow where sin was so deep
It penetrated my heart and covered my soul
It cleansed every sin my mind could behold
The healing power so strong and so quick
With a tongue like a fire my wounds it did lick
It cleansed me deep with the blood of the cross
All my past sins, to the depths of the seas they were tossed
A crown on my head was set with great care
To signify the sins I'd left there
And tho I'm not worthy to carry a crown
In me some value the King has now found
Judge me you might and my failure repeat
Tho I left them all there at his nail scarred feet
Through your eyes still, fault you may find
But to those, his vision now is blind
New failures I'm sure, I'm certain to make
But more grace from his throne I will thankfully take
And if you look at me through  human sight
I'm certain you'll find, more compromise
But when he looks at me with his eyes alone
It's His righteousness, not mine, in glory is shone.

1 comment:

  1. The woman in the photo is so beautiful. With all the honey being poured over her lovely face. The photo would be better if the mess was poured into her hair though.