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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Any Thing Could Happen

When we went to bed last night I told my husband to set the alarm for 5 which is typical for me, but I also told him to make sure I got up. I'm flying to Louisiana with my boss and I didn't want to be late for being picked up. I could have sworn that I heard the alarm just begin to go off and heard him mumble something that sounded similar to a grunt of a wild animal as they  roll over in their sleep. I laid there for another 5 minutes then hopped up. I washed my hair, applied my make up, blew my hair dry, used the flat iron, used my pow powder and had my bump looking good. I was just starting to slip into my clothes when one of the dogs needed to go outside. My 200lb Mastiff is afraid of the dark so she likes for me to stand on the back porch while she takes care of her duties, so I stood in the doorway and just happened to look over to our wall clock it said it was 2:45 a.m.. "Oh crap!" I thought. "The batteries are down again." So I went over to the computer to see what time it said..... 2:45!!! 2:45???? Why is it 2:45 and why am I standing here completely ready except for my clothes? UGH!!! I put my jammies back on and snuggled back in bed using extra care not to smush my hair. Amazingly I did sleep a little, till 5:30 but still. I'm not usually superstitious but if this the way my day starting what does it mean for the rest of the day? We're flying on a really small plane and although I don't have a fear of flying, I sorta do have a fear of falling (humph, wonder why that is?). What I'm hoping it means is that I'll be ready for anything that gets thrown at me today, like the sight of a great big gator..... close up! I'm taking my camera just in case. You know my world is tilted just a little bit to the side.... so anything could happen...... And usually does.

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