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Friday, September 3, 2010

Pay It Forward Works Well With Budget

As I left for work this morning my husband asked "Why you leaving so early?" Apparently he had forgotten my Friday routine of getting a Starbucks coffee for breakfast. I got to the hospital with fingers crossed that all their machines were in working order. I was really looking forward to my coffee and didn't want to start the day out with a hissie fit on the floor of the hospital. Let's face it, that's just embarrassing(but sometimes unavoidable)! I waited for the coffee girl to spot me from across the cafeteria when a frazzled hospital administrator scurried by looking for the coffee girl. She was obviously in a hurry and didn't seem in the mood to have to wait so she went over and got the coffee girl instead of patiently waiting. The girl asked her what she wanted and Ms. Frazzled pointed at me and said "She was here first." Well, it's Friday, I've had a great week and I'm looking forward to a great weekend. I'm not stressed today and I don't plan on getting that way so I told the woman "Oh no, I'm in no hurry, you just go right ahead." Coffee girl seemed to be clueless about Ms. Frazzled state of mind and having someone that antsy standing there waiting on her did not encourage her at all to move a little faster.... I mean my gosh, even I was wanting to hurry up and help her get on her way to whatever she was late for. Don't get me wrong,Ms. Frazzled was very polite and very nice, she was just in a big hurry. Long story short, coffee girl got Ms. Frazzled taken care of and when she had finished taken care of me I discovered that Ms. Frazzled had paid for my Friday morning treat. How sweet was that? I didn't think to ask my husband this morning if our new budget strategy had a special envelope for Starbucks, but it doesn't matter, because that act of kindness fits right in my budget.I'll just slip that $5.00 into my shoe account, he will be none the wiser.

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