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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Broken Seems To Be My Special Gift

I love being a woman!!!! But I will admit that men have a few advantages... One of them is the whole pocket thing. They have pockets in everything they wear and they can just slip their cell phone in their pocket and go along their merry little way... Or maybe I should say their big burly way (yeah that sounds more manly). When I'm cleaning house or run into the store with just a wallet, I have no place to carry my phone, so I've gotten in the habit of just tucking into the cup of my bra. I've become really used to doing this and sometimes when I'm out in public, I get a strange looks when it begins to ring and/or vibrate.... Yeah, awkward! Although I'm very discreet I nearly got caught this morning trying to shove it into my cup before I stepped away from my desk. Luckily the guy who had slipped up behind me spoke before I turned around with my hand shoved down my shirt. It would have been hard to explain. Anyway, Saturday I was changing clothes and had forgotten that my phone was inside my sports bra. I pulled it off over my head and my phone went sailing through the room... bouncing on the floor. It cracked the screen and the LCD is bleeding through the cracks. Gosh!!! I read books on my phone all the time so now I'm reading through cracked, bleeding glass. I'm afraid if I take it into the store the same little guy that helped me from before will give me that same look. When I explain what happened he will ask.... "Why did you ever think it was a good idea to carry your phone in your bra to begin with." in that condescending tone he took last when I tried to manhandle my tracking ball. I don't know!!!! It seemed like a good idea at the time and I don't have pockets!!! So until it bleeds past the point of reading through I guess I'll just deal with it instead of dealing with him. When I told my husband what happened he said.... "Hmm, I figured they had those little rubber covers you could put on them to protect it from getting broken if you drop it." Duh, as I showed him my rubber cover.... It's not like it turns your phone into a super bouncy ball like we used to play with when we were kids. He just gave me that look (I get that a lot) and shook his head and I know what he was thinking... "You shouldn't give Lucille Ball anything that can be broken." My response to his "look" was just a sad pout. I can't help it.... Things just happen when I touch them, things break, they bleed and just refuse to cooperate. Must be my special gift:-)

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