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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rats!!! That Warm And Fuzzy Feeling

Ugh!!!! I was looking for a picture this afternoon to put on my blog. Our basement flooded a few years ago and destroyed years and years of scrapbooks. My husband was helping me dig through totes to see if the one picture I was looking for happened to be saved from the flood. Our Christmas tree box was at the top of a stack of totes, kind of jammed up between the joist. My husband was looking in another basement room so I grabbed the box (which was over my head) and began to tug it from it's spot. I felt something soft roll out of the box, onto my head and down my arm. When I got the box down I looked all around my feet to try and find what had fallen. All of the sudden I hear my husband say.... "Oh, Jac!!! It's a good thing you weren't in here. The biggest rat just ran from in there where you're at to in here.... It was huge!"  Oh, oh, oh!!!!! That had to have been the warm fuzzy feeling thing that fell out of the box onto my head!!!! Oh gross, oh gross, oh gross. First time that I know of that I'm not appreciating having that warm fuzzy feeling inside. UGH!!!!!

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