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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Fabric of the Mind


When tangled fibers
Slowly begin to mend
Joining themselves together
Like when they first began
When the tear begins to mend itself
A fusion in the mind
And a pathway circumvented
Become straightened with passing time
Tho healing may be needed
And wholeness is desired
The bringing back together
feels like burning fire
A sudden flash, a thunderbolt
Of emotions long forgot
Or a crashing wave of memory
Unaware you're suddenly caught
Alone without instruction
Or lost without a clue
The torn remaining remnant
Of a slightly different you
Maybe it's not completed
Healing still at work
But at least there is progress
And a whisper of hope is heard
An unlocking of the one you were
Hidden deep inside
It's a complicated process
Discovering something new
The fabric of the mind
That once was known as you

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