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Friday, February 26, 2010

Embrace The Journey

I worked for a doctor for 9 years. I had a good friend that also worked for a doctor. One of our favorite past times was re-telling our office stories. The stories where old people vividly described to us their bladder problems, their colon problems and every other type of problem you can imagine. I actually had a 90 year old man come in the office on the day we were closed (I was doing insurance stuff) and begin to describe in detail why the doctor needed to give him a stronger sample of a certain little blue pill because things just didn't get worked up enough with the ones he gave him!!!! 90 years old!!!!! I used to tell my husband, when I came to the place that my world revolved around my colon or any other intestinal area, please just shoot me. Apparently he wasn't listening to that request because I'd be one dead Indian if he had. Like I said before, getting old certainly does suck in many if not most ways. A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a book titled "How Not To Look Old" by Charla Krupp. I love that book!!! So for all of my 40 something girlfriends that's what they get for their birthday.... A book on how not to look old. Probably the saddest part about it is everyone of them has been tickled pink to get it. Who would have thought? This month was my birthday and last weekend one of my friends dropped by the house to give me my present. I opened the sack to find.... deep breath.... a container of Progesterone Cream. She absolutely swears by it! She says it helps her moods, it helps her attitude and several other things that will go unmentioned. I was tickled pink!!! Anything that claims to help my mood or attitude sounds like a good deal to me. Of course the homemade Cinnamon rolls she tucked into the bottom of the sack help my mood too until they start showing up with an attitude on my thighs. This week I scrapbooked with some friends at church. Scrapbooking is such a messy hobby and it's more fun to do it in the group. We were having a great time swapping pregnancy stories, talking about our kids, and then we came to... Our female problems. Good Lord!! You get a bunch of women telling each other the horrors of what happens to your body when things start changing and there is not end to the conversation. Well, that is until someones husband quietly walks into the room as yours truly happens to be the one sharing my lasted system failure. When I looked up and saw him standing there with a great big grin on his face I wanted to hide under the table. His face totally lit up at my reaction and he took off bragging about how great his system worked.... almost too well. It would have been hysterical if it hadn't been so humiliating. So this morning, driving to work I was thinking about the book, the cream and the conversation and to my horror I thought... OMG!!!! I'm there! I'm actually where I never wanted to be. The only comforting thing about being here is all of my friends are here too, so it's not like I'm alone, but still. We all started out on our journey with young kids who are now out on their own.The next leg of the journey may not have the sense of awe the first half had, but as long as we're in it together we'll certainly make it entertaining.... Even if it is at each others expense.

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