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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Window Shopping In South Korea

When my daughter joined the Navy several years ago, she was in for a big culture shock. After living in the bible belt she found out very soon that not everyone was raised with the morals and belief system that she was. If joining the Navy was a big culture shock, being on deployment has been an even bigger one. Recently while in Pusan, South Korea she got an up close and personal view of how other cultures value women. While on shore patrol, one of the areas she had to patrol was called Green Street, which is the prostitution district. The area is nothing more than street after street of brothels. The storefront windows have girls standing in their underwear waiting to be selected. It gave a whole new meaning to the term "Window Shopping". Seeing such depravity first hand was a shocking experience for her, but one I'm sure she will never forget. The fact that women in other areas of the world are nothing more than objects to be used and tossed aside makes for a strong realization that we in the United States are so very fortunate. Often we take our country for granted simply because we've never known anything more than the freedoms we enjoy. Others throughout the world know only too well that not all people are cherished as they should be. Makes this mom just want to stop and say a little thanks to my creator for placing me in the place I call home.

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