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Thursday, March 18, 2010

She's a real trooper

The house is very quiet right now. It's past the time I usually stay up but sleep doesn't seem to want to be my friend tonight. It's absolutely beautiful outside. The air is cool but not cold, the stars are in full light, not a cloud in the sky. Tomorrow will be the ending to what has proven to be a very long week. My husband woke up Monday morning with the stomach virus from hell and by Wednesday he had generously given it to me so I've been off work for two days. I've had a call from my sailor and she is prepping to make herself presentable for when they pull into port. This week one of my best friends began the process of reconstructing her breast after losing it to breast cancer that last fall. She has been a true blue trooper for the last several months. As a friend all I know to do is to be there for her without hovering, to listen when she needs to talk and to support her in every way possible. I wish I could just wish it all away, but I can't so I'm just praying it will be way better than she expected it to be and that she will be even more fabulous than she was before.

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