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Monday, March 22, 2010

Boy World vs. Girl World

I had a wonderful weekend. Friday my son came home from the City, we grabbed a quick bite and went to see the new Jennifer Aniston movie "Bounty Hunter". I love her but unfortunately haven't been a big fan of any of her movies so I didn't have high expectations that this movie would be any better than the rest.... I was wrong. Personally I think it was the best movie she has been in. It made me laugh therefore it gets a thumbs up from me. I always enjoy having my oldest son around. He is a pleasant little dude and serenades me on the guitar as I'm cooking dinner or just whatever. He is probably the most pleasant person I've ever known, just in a laid back kind of way (he most certainly gets this trait from me). I enjoy watching the way he lives his life. He just kind of sits back and lets God do his thing and God always comes through for him. I think he thinks I'm waiting around for him to get married and give me grandchildren but I'm really not. I'm glad he's taking his time, living his life and getting some life experiences under his belt before he takes that step. I'm in no hurry, I'll borrow someone else's grand kids if I have to. Saturday I had the rare pleasure of being home alone.... I know, I know, that sounds like a risky situation given the last 3 months, but all went well. It may seem weird, but it hardly ever happens that I get an entire day home alone with no obligations. I enjoyed every moment of the day. I spent the majority of the day cleaning which was... this is odd too.... very relaxing because I didn't have to rush through it to move onto something else. I went for a pedicure which always makes me feel like a princess... It was a good day. My men did a little male bonding at the Supercross in Dallas. I love doing things as a family and typically we do everything together but to be honest I just didn't want to. I've faked being interested in motocross and manly things for 28 years and now that the boys are almost grown I don't really see the need in faking it any more. The three of them can do the manly stuff, in their manly fashion and I'll stay home and do womanly stuff. My husband said they had a great time and that makes me happier than just about anything could.... Trust me when my girl comes home, her and I will be doing some female bonding at the mall. I found out something interesting this weekend.... You know in "girl world" if someone jokingly (or seriously for that matter) ask us if we're 10 years younger than we really are... that's like the highest form of a compliment that a woman can get. I mean if someone thought I was thirtysomething, I would be walking on cloud nine. Apparently in "boy world" the opposite is true. If you jokingly ask a guy that is.... oh, let's say 21, if maybe the numbers weren't transposed and he's really 12.... that is a big insult. I mean apparently it's a BIG insult. Who would have known, and only I could find out the hard way. Boys are so very... hmmm... just way different than girls. Personally I'm glad I live in girl world.... I'm way comfortable here.

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