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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Waiting and Wanting

I would be what you could call a snow bunny. I love snow! I love playing in the snow, I love driving in the snow, I love snow ice cream, I love to examine snowflakes, I love to catch them on my tongue, I love snowball fights.... I love snow. I was born and raised in Tulsa where we got a lot more snow than where I live now. Each year I anxiously wait for a good snow, but pretty much year after year I am disappointed. I have a snowman kit that I keep tucked away in my closet for the perfect snow. Over the last few years I've tried to train myself not to get my hopes up for snow because it hurts so bad when I'm disappointed. When they are predicting snow in my area I'd just as soon not know about it, that way I can't be disappointed. I love surprises but I hate disappointment... it's one of my least favorite emotions and the older I get the less I like being disappointed. I've also noticed that I try to minimize things in general that would cause me a lot of excitement so when they don't come to pass the disappointment isn't as great. I'm pretty sure that this isn't one of my more positive traits but I think it's just a way I have of coping.... you know with the disappointments in life. So spring was springing this week when they started predicting snow for today. If I had a dollar for every time they have predicted snow that didn't show up over the years, I'd be a rich lady. With spring having sprung I could have cared less about snow, snowmen, or snow ice cream, so this morning when I woke up to a winter/spring wonderland I just kind of took it all in stride. Like I said earlier this week while I was waiting for something I really wanted.... Waiting for something you aren't really wanting is one thing, but waiting for something you REALLY want is.... well.... just torture. Happy first day of Spring. Enjoy your flakes.

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