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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'll Take An Upgrade Please

Sunday morning Pastor talked about upgrading your life. After the last couple of months I feel like I have been given an upgrade. Sometimes you don't realize how bad something is until it gets a lot better.... That's how I feel. March is going to be a good month. It looks like spring outside, I feel wonderful and I get to see my daughter. Who could ask for more? In an effort to keep my upgrade, I'm staying away from all negative vibes even if that means I'm wondering around talking to myself. I feel good and I certainly don't want to listen to others spew their bitterness. The other night we were at some friends house playing wii.... I suck at bowling (just sayin). Anyway, the subject turned to a person who, for all practical purposes, isn't in my life much anymore... by choice. The statement was made that I hadn't done anything to cause that relationship to end. In mid-stride (I'm bowling on the wii mind you), I turn around and said, "Oh yes I did. I have been harboring unforgiveness since she slammed the door in my face a few years ago. I didn't feel safe in that relationship and was just looking for an opportunity to get out it". Wow!! I can't believe that just came out of my mouth, but the sad part was it is true. Although I thought I had let it go, I hadn't. Later in the week I was talking to some friends and the subject turned to something that happened to them YEARS ago!!! I promise you... as she began to speak about this event her posture changed, her face changed and the tone of her voice changed. It was like she was spitting bile out on everyone that was standing around and when I walked away I felt.... Yucky, like someone had just vomited on me. I began to think... gosh that's what unforgiveness does. It turns into a green bile called bitterness and oozes out into every other relationship and area of your life. If it doesn't destroy relationships, it certainly limits them. Good Lord I don't want to be like that. People hurt you, they screw up and change your life forever, but do I want to allow them to continue changing my life? Gosh no!!! Like T.D. Jake says "Let It Go"! In my opinion letting it go moves you right up to the front of the line and puts you in position for an upgrade. I'm letting it go with one hand and grabbing for my upgrade with the other. Yes, I'll take that upgrade please.... and make it a double.

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