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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Family, Friends And Thankfulness

Thursday was a cold yucky day! The weatherman was forecasting unprecedented ice and snow. My first thought was “Yeah, right we got record snow for Christmas, I’m not holding my breath that it’s going to be as bad as they predicted”. Boy was I wrong (That’s right honey, yet another admission)!!!! By 2:00 the electric had gone off in the office and they sent everyone home for the day. I’ll have to admit the idea of having a nice quiet afternoon at the house was a real treat… for a while. My husband and Son went to Wal-Mart so we wouldn’t starve to death that evening. They came home with enough chips to sink a battleship, a couple of flash lights, tons of canned stew and cookies (none of these things btw, are on my New Year’s diet). We began the task of rounding up every available candle that was in the house (the place smelled like a French brothel) and prepared to snuggle under until the power came back on. Before it was dark my Son left to spend the night with friends so they could be bored out of their skull together and we grabbed our books and began catching up on our reading. Thank God for cell phones! I got a text from a friend and neighbor inviting us over for a chat with some family so we headed over a couple of blocks to chew the fat with friends in the dark (It was so fun). Friday morning I woke up truly expecting electricity to be at my fingertips… Boy was I wrong! My husband figured he was “tough enough” to take a cold shower… Boy was he wrong! The look on the dogs faces when that ice cold water hit him was priceless!! His screaming made a 5 year old girl sound manly (so funny), but I’ll have to admit that he was wide-eyed when he came downstairs all squeaky clean. The rest of the weekend was spent with family or friends as we brought all of our survival stuff together to suffer through the loss of modern conveniences as one big family. It was a very good weekend! We might not have been basking in the comfort of modern technology and conveniences, but we were basking in the love and laughter of those we love. I’m thinking we should start a new tradition… A tradition that would make us more appreciative of the things we do have and more thankful for the ones we share our lives with. Today is Tuesday and yet again I woke up expecting electricity to be at my fingertips…. Wrong! But you know what, I’m not going to complain cause things could be a lot worse. I have a good life because I surround myself with good people…. It doesn’t get better than that.

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