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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Adventures Of A Lifetime Through Another's Eyes

Woke up this morning to an email from my Daughter who is on deployment with the Navy. An email from her is better than Starbucks coffee any day of the week! She was excited to tell me about her latest adventure in Malaysia. After being cramped up on a destroyer for over a month with a bunch of smelly boys she was looking forward to getting on land and stretching her legs. The beds on the ship are sometimes referred to as coffins because they are probably a little smaller than a coffin and just as confining. After a prolonged period of sleeping on a ship the joints start protesting a little and an adjustment from the ship Doc may be necessary. The thing she was looking forward to the most on this liberty was getting a nice room at a 5 star hotel and being able to sleep in a real bed for a change. She said her room was amazing; everything was controlled by a remote control. It came complete with a big tub and a separate shower where the whole ceiling was a shower head and it felt like rain. She and a friend booked a massage and headed through the jungle to the spa. On the path to the spa you could hear monkeys, frogs and birds. She said it was so neat. They had private villas on the path to the spa that were secluded and adorable. Her day of sightseeing got canceled because of "hardcore" rain so she spent the day in the mall with friends and ate American food at the Hard Rock Cafe'. I love hearing about her adventures and her world travel. If I have one regret in my life it would probably be that I didn't take the opportunity to have adventures while I was young before I settled into family life. At 46 I think it would be very fulfilling to look back on things that are once in a lifetime adventures. That's probably why I love her stories; I have the chance to imagine myself walking through jungle paths, eating exotic food and seeing the world through her eyes as if they were my own.

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