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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Perfect Affair

Today Is my birthday and yesterday my husband gave me a day to grant my every wish.... well within reason. This weekend they are having Affair Of The Heart in the City. I had planned on going with a friend but our plans were changed. After dropping my youngest off to spend the day with his brother we headed to the fair grounds, me wearing my 5 inch boots at my husband's request. I actually wore them because I was convinced that he wouldn't want to look around inside all of the building and I figured our little outing there would be a very short one. Wrong!!! We made it to 5 of the 7 buildings and funny enough he made the first purchase. How funny is that? We spotted some pellet filled heating pads and he picked up one for each of us. Other than that we mainly just walked around and looked at things. The Affair Of The Heart is a girly girls world. There is girl stuff, glitter, and bling everywhere you turn. I saw a sign that read "Some girls are born with glitter in their veins"... That pretty much describes me to a T. If I stopped and spent some time in one booth he would quietly, but happily stand to the side until I was finished. When I finally confessed that I could not take one more step in my 5 inch boots, we called the boys and they met us at PF Chang's. We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed visiting with our kids. It was a long busy day but it was a good day, and as girl birthdays go the Affair Of The Heart was the perfect affair to attend.

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