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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Perfect Imperfect Valentine

On Facebook this week everyone was posting sweet notes about their Valentine. If I didn't know better I'd think that I was the only imperfect Valentine and I was the only one who had a imperfect Valentine. Is that unromantic to admit? My Valentine and I met 29 years ago this coming June 3rd. We've been married for 28 years. We can still tell you what the other had on the first time we saw each other. He's says he fell in love at first sight, I say I grew in love. He likes to act that somehow he loves me more because he fell in love and I like to act that my growing in love is a more substantial claim. We both grin when we have that debate. We seldom if ever fuss or fight and if either of us raises their voice it will always be me. Unlike 99% of the couples we know, we work really well together. We have remodeled kitchens, we have wallpapered houses, we have built tree houses and porches all without one cross word or one stubborn fight. He still makes me laugh, just not as often as he used to because.... let's face it after 28 years he needs some new material. He tells me I'm pretty and he always denies I need to go on a diet. I have a laundry list of things I'd like to change about him, but that list is tucked away deep into my drawer because I've accepted the fact that he is who he is and if I can just tweak his wardrobe a little that's good enough for me. After 28 years, he has never ever told me a single thing he doesn't like about me. When we were first married, I would paint my nails at the table while he finished eating. That's probably the only time he asked me not to do something, because the smell made his sick. In 28 years, that's the only thing he's complained about. Amazing!!!!! Trust me, I know I do plenty of things to get on his nerves but he just grins and bears it like a pro. Saying that he is the love of my life and the most perfect man in the world sounds very, very, Valentinish, but a little unrealistic. For both of us I think we can proudly claim that we are the most perfect of imperfect Valentine's that ever loved and lived happily ever after.

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