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Monday, February 8, 2010

Sweet Sound Of Worship

Yesterday I sat on the pew dressed in jeans and wrapped in a blanket I shared with friends. After being out of church for over 10 days due to electricity, they found some generators and we had Church!!! I hate to sound old fashion, but there was something just sweet about the whole thing. First of all I have missed everybody. It's been cold, icy and it's just not the same without seeing those friendly faces every week. Second of all, church sure has changed since I was a kid. I remember when we used to sing hymns over and over till everybody knew every word of every verse. Now we learn new worship songs all the time. I play keyboard at church and the new worship songs aren't the 3 chord hymns of old. Musically the new worship songs can be very complicated... at least for me. Yesterday we sang some old songs and it felt so good. We had a limited sound system due to the electricity, so the music didn't overpower the voices. There is nothing sweeter than hearing hundreds of voices singing praise to the King of Kings. I can almost picture God bending over, listening to the voices with a great big grin on his face!!! I love that mental picture. I love my church and I love my church family. I'm glad that we are "Keeping things relevant" and reaching out to the media driven young people of today. I do, however, sometimes miss the simple, unrehearsed church of my childhood (sometimes). Yesterday felt good, it felt sweet. Next week I'll be back in church, dressed in my church clothes (adhering strictly to the worship teams color calendar), with no blanket in sight. The screens will have all of the words to the songs on them and I'll be able to feel the beat all the way to my bones. Next Sunday I'll probably imagine God bending over with a grin on his face right before he begins to do the happy dance, because he doesn't care how hip we worship or what clothes we worship in, as long as our worship is directed at him. Next Sunday it will be sweet.... only in a different way.

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