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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Not "As Seen on TV"

I was visiting my daughter the other day when she whipped out a mop and bucket to give the floor a quick mop. I paid no attention and kept up the conversation with my son until I heard a whipping spinning sound. I looked up to see that her mop bucket had a spinning contraption that wrung out the dirty water for you. It was the coolest thing ever. My husband said my eyes turned to saucers and that my son and him locked eyes with the joint understanding that I would be hunting one of those contraptions down in the very near future. The next day at work I shared the news of this new fangled contraption with my co-worker's. "You have to watch this video Ivey, it makes mopping look like fun." By the end of the day we had located a store in town that sold them.... My glowing advertisement sold a total of 3, leaving me to believe I should get some type of commission. The next day I snapped that thing together... Well, actually my husband snapped it together and then refused to let me use it first. I "let him win" that battle because I knew it would probably be the last time he had any desire to mop. It really is pretty cool.... I mean as cool as a mop can be. I set about mopping the house, marveling at the way it really does spin and swivel. Halfway through the first floor, I was wiping sweat from my eyes. How on earth did that infomercial girl make it look so effortless? Probably with creative editing, already clean floors and a talented make-up artist. Sadly I had none of those things. In my personal opinion, infomercials should be required to show the blood, sweat and tears that go on behind the part you don't see on the "As Seen on TV" ads.

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